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Borders Closing?

27 Feb

Honestly, the news that Borders Bookstores was downsizing due to debt didn’t come to me as a surprise. With the combination of the downfall of our economy and the rapid advancement of technology over the past several years many companies have felt tremendous pressure. I think that the instantaneous advance in technology is a huge contributing factor to the downfall to so many classic brick and mortar retailers such as bookstores and video stores. With the advancement of technology came new ways to get the same products that you would usually go out and buy at a store with a click of a computer mouse from the comfort of your own home. Because the internet has made it so easy for consumers to make purchases from home, many people have found physically going to a store to make purchases redundant. Not only has the internet made buying products easier but relatively cheaper as well. Websites such as Amazon and Netflix are often cheaper alternatives to large corporation book and video stores. Amazon makes it possible for consumers to buy and sell an array of new and used products. I know that I use Amazon opposed to the school bookstore to look for cheaper prices for the more expensive textbooks that I need for different courses. Being able to purchase used books from Amazon has saved me large amounts of money. As for movie rentals Netflix is a lot cheaper than old video stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood Videos. Addition to the affordable price of only eight dollars a month for unlimited rentals, there is no set return date or late fees. What makes Netflix so appealing to me is that they now have movies that you can stream directly from their website and watch right then and there instead of waiting for it in the mail. I don’t believe that we should be concerned with this trend. I think that with the increased use of new technology and internet it is expected that retailers will have a continuous struggle to keep up and as a result some will stay a float while others might fail. It is evident that commerce is turing to internet sales and is becoming more and more dependent on technology and in the future it might even become completely dependent on technology. This trend is the result to the advancement of technology and like technology tends to do, it is replacing older and now out dated ways of doing things. Reading books have gone from paper and ink to digital tabs and shopping has gone from stores to the internet, as a result stores to sell these products have become unnecessary. And although technological feats are gained, the simplicity of doing things without technology will be lost and our society will become even more dependent on technology in all aspect of living. Even though I say that the trend of the extinction of brick and mortar retail franchises is expected, I fear the day that every aspect of our lives rely on technology. I enjoy the simple way of life without technology.



19 Feb

Welcome to my Blog! For my very first post on the internet ever, I would like to introduce myself and explain how I came the subject of my blog. I’m currently a college student attending Texas State University and living in San Marcos, Texas. From living in San Marcos for a mere half of a year, I have found how much I adore my hometown. Prior to college I had been living in Austin practically my whole life. My family moved here in 1997 when I was 4. Before moving here I had always lived in the northeast and had never been to Texas in my whole life. I had no idea what to expect. I suspected that Austin consisted of flat land, dirt roads, tumble weed, cowboys and I was more than excited to ride a horse to school.

view of the Green Belt from my backyard

Upon arrival to this glorious city I was pleasantly surprised with green rolling hills, paved roads, and a modestly sized city with more character than I had ever imagined. Despite my disappointment of riding a bus rather than my very own noble steed to school, I fell in love with Austin. I fell in love with everything about it; the hot weather, the abundance of natural water resources to cool off in, the green hills, the people, the music, the charm, the spirit, the tex-mex, the mixtures of cultures and the way that everyone here loves it just as much as I do. Since I’ve been in Austin, its secret charm has been leaked to the rest of the world and as a result, the population has been growing exponentially. In the 15 years that I’ve lived here, I’ve watched the population grow and it is evident that it will continue to grow. Naturally, the city has been growing as well; rush hour traffic has gotten worse, crowds have grown, and the skyline has shot to new heights. Downtown Austin’s few tall office buildings and hotels have been joined by towering skyscrapers filled with condos. Our poor Frost Tower was looked at in awe as being the tallest building when it was first built in 2004, and now it’s looked down upon by the  condos of  the lofty Austonian.

the view from the top of the Austonian

I often worry about whether Austin’s personality will withstand the increasing population and I tend become very protective, just like a mother bear is with her cubs, when the thought arises. If someone questions this great city I become offensive and will defend it until my death. The moral of this blog is to show those who don’t know, those who have forgotten, and those who are to come, what Austin is all about. I plan to take you on a tour though the heart and soul of Austin, revealing the little things that make this city so lovable.

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