The heart beat of the city

20 Mar

The number one thing that makes Austin bump is its live music. Every night and every day you can find live music in this city no matter what time of year it is.After all Austin is THE live music capital of the WORLD. It’s all about the music, music and music. If you don’t enjoy the faint sound of a band playing from a far on a quite afternoon, then this isn’t the place for you. In 1991, Austin adopted the official slogan of the “Live Music Capital of the World.” This name is fitting due to the city’s vast number of live music venus that triumphs the amount in large cities such as New York, LA, Nashville and Memphis. Not only is this a name but it is an industry that makes millions of dollars for Austin each year with festivals such as Austin City Limits and SXSW. Many people don’t know that there’s a difference between Austin City Limits and the Austin City Limits Festival. Austin City Limits is a show on PBS that is filmed in Austin in front of a live audience that showcases various types of music. ACL was first aired in 1976 on the UT campus and is now the longest running concert music program.Thirty five years later, Austin City Limits has recently moved to a new venue in the W hotel called the Moody Theatre. In 1991 C3 presented the first ever Austin City Limits Festival (named after the ACL TV show). ACL Festival consists of 130 bands playing over 3 days. The festival transforms the fields of Zilker Park into the ultimate music venue with 8 stages, food vendors galore, and everything local. The festival is something that Austinites look forward to at the end of every summer. If you have yet to attend this glorious weekend, I highly recommend that you do. Austin City Limits Festival is the epitome of Austin; live music, sun, and delicious food. This year is the festival’s 10 year anniversary and everyone is suspecting it to be one of the best years yet and the anticipation leading up to the release of the line up this year is killing me. Another festival that attracts thousands to Austin every year is South by South West. Although I’m not very familiar with SXSW and I’ve never attended myself, I hear it’s HUGE. Even though I’ve never been, it is very evident when it’s that time of year; crowds, lines and traffic balloon for a full week. SXSW is a showcase for music, film and interactive technology; and people from all around the world come take a peek at what is new. Austin is not only a great place to see live music, it’s also good for new artists to come. With it’s hundreds of venues and several programs dedicated to helping musicians, your voice is sure to be heard in this city full of character.


4 Responses to “The heart beat of the city”

  1. AndyUhl March 20, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    You truly aren’t an Austinite if you don’t love live music and the environments these shows create. There isn’t much to complain about when it comes to Austin’s music scene. Well maybe the enormous melting pot mobs of randoms that flood our cities streets when SXSW rolls around. But I can still dig it.

  2. jacmizeur March 20, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    I cannot wait until ACL next year I was too poor to buy tickets last semester but I plan on going for my first time next year!

  3. sm1683 March 23, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    Like you, I love Austin’s music scene, especially ACL. I really enjoyed the video in this post, I think it really captured the spirit of Austin. Also, I wasn’t aware that Austin actually had more music venues than cities like New York. That makes me proud to be from this amazing city.

    • piercetokerud May 10, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

      ACL should be great. I have never been before but i hear it is great and you make it sound even better. I cannot wait to go next year.

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