The Children of the Government

10 Apr

To be honest, I had no knowledge of the potential of our government to shut down until this blog subject was assigned. When I heard the news I thought to my self “Is this a joke? What the hell is congress thinking?” The thought of our government shutting down and thousands losing millions of dollars because our government couldn’t agree on a budget is ridiculous. We put our trust into the representatives and they are letting this happen. Honestly, the recent events and indecisiveness between the House of Representatives and the Senate of our very own United States federal government is embarrassing. The ego battle between the republicans and democrats within our government is getting out of hand and the threat of our government shutting down is proof that it is getting to go too far. I believe that our government needs to be paying attention to what is  best for the citizens of our country in these desperate times than what differing political parties want. The fact that our government was on the verge of shutting down should catch the attention of our congress men and women and make them realize what their silly political games are doing to our country. These people were chosen to represent the population of the U.S. and I am positive that no citizen wants to hear that their government is going to shut down because their representative could not act like adults and agree on an appropriate budget. It is sad to say that many probably foresaw the disagreement within our government. Differing ideologies have always cause disagreement with in our government. But since the election of President Obama, it seems as though those clashing ideas have been affecting decision making more than ever and republicans and democrats have become more and more stubborn in coming to a consensus. It’s embarrassing that something as important as setting a budget has become more about the politics between political parties and less about what is best for the people. Even though this past Friday a bill was finally passed and therefore our government will not be shutting down, this incident has made me think less of our government and question it’s representative’s intentions. Also although they did come up with a budget, it is only for the next six months. Is this going to happen again in six months? The fact that our representatives couldn’t reach an agreement until our government was on the verge of a shut down is unacceptable. Our government needs to get it’s act together. Even though republicans and democrats are notorious for being consistent in pushing for what they want, these types of things shouldn’t be happening to our government.


2 Responses to “The Children of the Government”

  1. AndyUhl April 17, 2011 at 10:37 pm #

    I complete agree with you Lizzy. The government has the been getting out of hand lately with clashing conflicts between Democrats and Republicans. But on the real our government should act like adults and the law makers of our nation and come to a consensus.

  2. np1121 April 17, 2011 at 11:55 pm #

    I love the way you use so much expression in this blog. I completely agree and think Congress needs to get it together.

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